Please help me NOT pester you.

I’ve been bothering people lately about filling out our survey, and I’d love to stop. Once you fill out our survey, I promise to leave you alone for the rest of 2019. If enough people complete it, I won’t have to pester anyone.

Why should you fill it in? Because, over the past five years, Entrevestor’s startup data has become the benchmark for the whole region, followed by policy-makers and stakeholders. The greater the participation rate, the better information we all have about the startup community. 

We’re looking for responses from companies that meet three criteria: majority owned by Atlantic Canadians; commercializing innovation; and developing a product for the global market.

If your company meets those criteria, please fill out the survey at this link:

We know it’s a pain for people to complete surveys, so we have reduced the amount of time it takes. We only have 15 questions, down from 18 last year.

All your answers will be 100 percent confidential – we publish aggregated data but never divulge information on individual companies. And if there are any questions you don’t want to answer, just skip them.

This is a key part of our business, and the income we earn from analyzing the startup community allows us to provide free news for and about you. We love reporting on East Coast startups, and hate nagging people about the survey. So please do us a huge favour and fill out the survey so we can focus on the news.

Many thanks.