The University of New Brunswick’s Apex Business Plan Competition -- which features $30,000 in prizes -- will be held using a hybrid online and in-person model in January after taking place virtually in 2022.

The event, organized by UNB’s International Business & Entrepreneurship Centre, will see student and early-stage entrepreneurs  from across Canada develop business plans for new ventures, which they will then present to a judging panel and program mentors.

The Apex Competition will be held Jan. 26 and 27. Training and preparation for the competitors will be held online, while the pitches themselves and subsequent awards dinner will be in person. The in person components will also include Microsoft Teams connectivity for participants who are not able to physically be there.

The competition will include two tiers, one for students developing new business plans and one for entrepreneurs with “early-stage, massively scaleable ventures." The students will be required to prepare a 25-page business plan, while the entrepreneurs will need to be posting less than $1 million in annual revenue, have fewer than 25 employees and come bearing a 12-slide pitch deck.

“The two-day 2022 Apex Hybrid Competition’s online and in-person elements provide flexibility for participants to take part from anywhere,” said UNB in a brochure.

“During the competition, students build life-long connections and put their entrepreneurial ideas to the test with a panel of experts.”

Anyone interested in participating or sponsoring the event can learn more here.