Moncton-based fintech startup SnapAP has hired four new executives to help it scale up its marketing efforts as it looks to transition from growth via direct sales to a business model more focused on marketing.

Roshni Wijayasinha, who will become SnapAP’s chief marketing officer, has more than a decade of experience working for companies including Sony Mobile and Toronto-based financial data specialist Railz. She will oversee the development of the startup's first unified marketing strategy.

Founded in Jan. 2019, SnapAP said in a press release it now boasts more than 50,000 users globally, with its largest markets being the United States, Canada and Australia.

“We've been doing this through a sales approach,” said Wijayasinha in an interview. “And so we haven't gone with marketing as yet.

“I've been brought on board to really start to build the marketing infrastructure out and take some of those early successes from the sales team and scale them to marketing.”

Meanwhile, Tiffany Campbell, a former business development head at Vancouver’s Beanworks, will become head of channel sales. Pablo Asiron, the founder of marketing and sales consultancy MAS, is the new head of strategic sales. And Venn Innovation’s entrepreneur in residence, Alicia Roisman, will head up SnapAP’s fintech strategy.

SnapAP, the full name of which is Snap Accounts Payable Corp., spent most of 2020 setting the stage for rapid sales growth this year by ensuring its solution had the functionality to scale rapidly.

The company has developed a solution that automates the accounts payable process – the set of procedures by which a company pays the money it owes to customers and lenders. The software also helps companies reduce costs and improve efficiency in other payment processes, such as invoicing.

The product works off the enterprise resource planning, or ERP, systems of larger companies, and has been integrated with Sage, the leading ERP in the mid-market. In 2020, SnapAP also inked a deal to offer its software to Oracle clients.

In December of the same year, Co-Founder and COO Sionne Roberts told Entrevestor the company was in the process of raising a $2 million funding round in preparation for “strong growth” this year.

So far, SnapAP has 12 employees and is actively looking to hire 12 more.

“My job as a marketer will be to make sure that we move the customers throughout the buyer process with as little friction as possible, adding as much value as possible and showcasing our strengths.

“In terms of messaging, we can't necessarily speak to that as yet because I just joined,” said Wijayasinha. “But the plan will be to review all of our messaging and make sure that we're best able to communicate what makes us truly special.”