SimplyCast announces it’s in accord with new General Data Protection Regulation

Dartmouth-based communication automation company SimplyCast has announced its compliance with the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation.

The regulation, to be implemented May 25, requires stricter handling and processing of personal data belonging to E.U. citizens.

After completing an audit of its processes and infrastructure and making changes, SimplyCast can comply with the regulation, which requires any entities that store or process personal data from E.U. residents to allow for residents’ additional rights over their data.

“We worked hard to be able to meet the requirements of this regulation and will work to continue to safeguard the data of not only our E.U. clients, but of our clients around the world.” said Data Protection and Privacy Officer Ryan Ernst in a statement.

SimplyCast is launching an email course to help prepare its clients for the changes. The email course will educate participants about individuals’ new rights regarding their access to and control of personal data and what will happen if compliance is not met.

The weekly email course will begin on April 4. If you would like to register, fill out the sign-up form, which can be found here.