Halifax-based QRA Corp. has been accepted into the next cohort of 48 Hours in the Valley, the program offered by C100 to introduce leading Canadian companies to the network of investors and mentors in Silicon Valley.

C100 was formed by Canadian expats in the San Francisco area to help Canadian tech companies find their way around Silicon Valley. For several years now, it has held the 48 Hours event twice a year, bringing 20 Canadian companies at a time to the Valley to show them the ropes.

The cohort in early December will include QRA, which helps manufacturers correct design flaws early in the development process.

“Peer-to-peer mentorship, breakout sessions, investor meetings, and pitch workshops are among the many unique programmatic elements of the 48Hrs event,” said QRA in a blog this week.

Led by CEO Jordan Kyriakidis, QRA has developed technology that helps large manufacturers identify flaws in complicated machinery early in the design stage. The idea is to work out the kinks before the manufacturer spends millions of dollars prototyping a machine that has ill-matched components.

The company, which began as a research project at Dalhousie University, launched a new product called QVscribe in February. The new tool makes sure manufacturers use precise and understandable language in their requirements documents. If left untouched, sloppy language in requirements could result in significant rework in both the design and build phases.

QRA is the second Halifax company accepted into 48 Hours in the Valley this year. The first cohort of 2017 included Athletigen. Athletigen’s platform analyzes an athlete’s DNA so coaches and athletes can better understand peak performance in training and competition.