Online startup accelerator Propel has announced the 16 companies participating in its Vision and Validation program, which is its new training program for the founders of very early stage companies.

Six of the companies are from New Brunswick, five are from Newfoundland and Labrador, four are from Nova Scotia, and one is from Ontario. The program started July 12, and focuses on teaching new entrepreneurs how to validate their business ideas and follow “lean startup” methodology -- a business strategy that emphasizes flexibility and low overhead costs.

“One of my favourite moments is meeting our new founders,” said Propel CEO Kathryn Lockhart in a press release. “This is our first real glimpse into the future. We see keen visionary founders at an important stage in their entrepreneurial journey, and we get to step into this journey with them.”

Here’s a look at this year’s companies:

InVerte, St. John’s

InVerte is building smart scales for weighing recipe ingredients, to prevent inventory wastage in restaurants. The technology will be sold under a software-as-a-service model.

The Working Mom Initiative, Halifax

The Initiative has built an online platform to help mothers find workplaces that are flexible enough to accommodate the sometimes hectic schedules involved in parenting. The company charges a flat fee for every successful placement.

Reno Tree, Sydney Mines, NS

Reno Tree is an online platform that helps customers find financing and contractors for home renovations. Its revenue model includes administrative fees and commissions from loans it helps arrange.

Airport X, Halifax

Airport X is an app that offers users real-time updates on the length of customs and security lines at airports. It also has a navigation feature to help travellers in unfamiliar airports.

Cloud and More, Moncton

Cloud and More says it will, “allow businesses to truly control and own their data in Canada, cut down the amount of suppliers and deals to maintain to only one.”

Tyche Innovations, Bathurst, NB

Tyche is building risk-management software for cities and construction companies. Its platform includes accounting software and a cash management feature.

Ocean Set, St. John’s

Ocean Set sells data aggregation and analysis services for the ocean sector, including for fishing, shipping and military use. Its platform also includes a brokerage where customers can sell their data.

Nuvo Ed, Sault Ste Marie, Ont. 

Nuvo Ed is building a platform to help the parents of children who are enrolled in virtual school access advice from certified teachers in Ontario.

Skytop Computers, St. John’s

Skytop sells cost-effective cloud computing services. Users can access a virtual desktop from a variety of devices, for either personal or business use.

Oz Integrated Health Management, Moncton

Oz Health is developing an e-learning platform to help users manage chronic medical conditions, including by letting them set goals and receive reminders to behave in healthy ways.

Servease, St. John’s

Servease is an ecommerce platform to connect bakers with potential customers. Would-be buyers fill out a form and wait for independent bakers to offer their services.

Lunch, Halifax

Lunch is building an advertising platform for restaurants and grocery stores. Shoppers will be able to browse offerings posted by retailers.

Glade Software, Saint John

Glade enables web publishers to provide a new way for their audience to engage with their content, by commenting right on top of it. These annotations on published content lead to more time spent on the publisher's page.

City Crops, Saint John 

City Crops is a vertical farming startup. It is developing modular, cost-effective and scalable hydroponic farming equipment for leafy greens.

Deliverr, Saint John

Deliverr describes itself as “Uber Eats for parcels.”

ExTech MIP, St. John’s

ExTech sells equipment for taking environmental samples. Its products are meant for TIC use -- testing, inspection and certification -- in a range of industries.