Onboardly Media Inc., a new customer acquisition platform, is launching in Moncton today with the goal of driving clients to venture-backed startups.

Founders Renee Warren and Heather Anne Ritchie kicked off a company that will use a blend of strategies – public relations, content marketing and social media – to help startups find adopters and users over a prolonged period.

“Our own startup's customers are other startups,” explained Ritchie, a PR exec who I met through her work promoting Clarity.fm and the Launch36 Demo Day. “We've built a three-month process that combines PR, Content Marketing and Social Media to get the job done, faster, so startup founders can extend their productivity and focus on building a really amazing product.”

The founders have noticed a familiar pattern among startups in the Software-as-a-Service, eCommerce, and Business-to-Customer segments: founders start a company, assemble a team, develop a product and (with luck) get funding. But then what?

Onboardly will not just help to launch startups’ products but also to sustain the promotion and marketing once the splash of initial media coverage evaporates.

While Ritchie brings a PR background to the partnership, Warren formerly co-founded a content marketing firm that helped increase clients’ sales while bringing customer acquisition costs down by as much as 60 percent.

When the two met at the South by Southwest Conferences & Festivals in Austin, Texas, in 2011, they realized they complemented one another’s skill sets and could offer a more complete service by teaming up.

The company now has a team of four and is based in Moncton with a presence in Toronto and San Francisco.