Oh, to have Sean Liptay’s problem for a minute.

The co-founder and CEO of Selectbidder expects his vehicle-resale company to be profitable by the end of the year, and must then decide whether to proceed with a seven-figure fundraising, a round he has already discussed with potential investors from the private sector.

“In six months’ time, we’re going to be at a crossroads,” said Liptay in an interview Monday. I’d asked for the interview to follow up on his presentation at the Launch36 Demo Day in Moncton two weeks ago. I wanted to check a few facts, and find out why he was so bullish on Selectbidder.

“By the end of the year, we’ll be revenue-positive,” he said, explaining the quandary he has in asking for a substantial fundraising. “So if we can ask for it, do we really need it?”

Wondering whether to raise capital that might not be needed seems like a pretty good problem to have. But it shows that this company – the last one we’re profiling from the Launch36 Accelerator program – is close to achieving some major milestones.

Selectbidder is founded on the premise that the middleman in car re-sales is dying, mainly because he provides an expensive service that can be replaced.

The company is targeting the market for cars that have been sold back to auto dealers. If the vehicle is surplus to the dealer’s needs, the dealer takes on a middleman to auction it off to another dealer, who could then sell it on to a customer.

Founded by brothers Sean and Stuart Liptay, Selectbidder provides a low-cost solution by developing a platform for dealers to sell in a ``trusted buyer zone’’. Essentially, it’s an online auction that paying subscribers can access from their mobile devise or over the internet.

The Selectbidder team, which has a combined 100 years of wholesale automotive remarketing experience, has already performed initial tests on its platform, and this month will beta-test it in three cities – Moncton, Saint John and Charlottetown.

Sean Liptay described Selectbidder as disruptive technology that they will roll out across North America in 2013. The founders’ deep roots in the auto re-sale industry mean that they have connections in the business across the continent and the whispers about the potential of the company are already beginning.

Actually, said Liptay, “It’s louder than a whisper now and we’re going to be roaring in a little while.”