The Atlantic Canadian virtual startup accelerator Propel is looking for startup coaches to work with its stable of entrepreneurs in six cities across the region. The opening is today's featured Job of the Week.

Propel is the e-accelerator for tech startups in Atlantic Canada. It works with founders who are trying to establish that their technology solves a real problem, and with founders seeking to find a repeatable sales process. Through its programs and one-on-one coaching, Propel helps founders quickly test their hypotheses and make meaningful progress toward hiring, seeking investment and attracting customers.

Propel has six postings, located in different cities around the region. Click on the following links for information on the city you're interested in: 

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Here are excerpts from this week’s posting:

Atlantic Canada


Startup Coach

Are you passionate about entrepreneurship and supporting founders? Do you consider yourself an advocate for the startup ecosystem? Do you have a background in business and technology? Do you enjoy being challenged and continuously learning? Do you want to contribute to the success stories of tech companies in Atlantic Canada?

By helping entrepreneurs build high-value technology companies through our virtual accelerator, Propel aims to build great founders and be a catalyst to establish Atlantic Canada as a leading startup ecosystem for technology.

As a result of the success of our virtual accelerator, we have an immediate opening for a full-time contract Coaching role, with an opportunity for extension. Like our accelerator, we are a virtual team based throughout Atlantic Canada.

The Startup Coach is an advocate for the founders with whom they work. The Startup Coach draws on their unique expertise and experience in starting ventures to help founders apply "Lean Startup" principles, and other innovative methodologies, to validate their assumptions and their business model through multiple iterations of customer discovery.

We believe coaching is foundational to the founder's entrepreneurial journey. We leverage this emphasis on coaching and combine it with the proven methodologies and world-class content with which we work. The role of the Startup Coach is therefore to build trust and confidence with founders, to hold them accountable to making meaningful and measurable progress in their business during the accelerator program, and to offer guidance and connections to potential customers, investors and mentors where appropriate. The Startup Coach works with founders to identify measurable goals and hypotheses, and to turn these into actions and learning. They help to create the building blocks for a viable venture with growth potential by translating the problem the startup is solving into a product customers want to buy.

As a thought leader for innovation and entrepreneurship, the Startup Coach collaborates with other organizations in the startup ecosystem including community resources, mentor networks, and corporate enterprises.

Propel is a virtual, pan-Atlantic organization. All staff, including Startup Coaches, work remotely from their home offices based in Atlantic Canada.


In this role, you will work closely with the entire Propel team.

Key outcomes of the Startup Coach role:

Coach startup founders, using the tools and methodologies including the Leanstack framework (, to validate problem/solution fit.

  • Help founders apply "Lean Startup" principles and methodologies and customer-centric activities in order to bridge the technology they're building with the needs of potential buyers.
  • Use the Propel framework and tools to continually evaluate founder progress and coach towards achievement of objectives and key results.
  • Hold founders accountable for their progress, including having tough-love conversations where needed.

Coach founders, using the tools and methodologies available, to develop a repeatable, scalable sales process and validate a path to product/market fit.

  • Assist founders in applying the Growth X ( Market Acceleration Program (MXP) methodology in their venture
  • Identify effective growth strategies and prepare companies for growth and scale
  • Hold founders accountable to their objectives and key results, and have tough-love conversations when needed.
  • Ensure founders are conducting customer-focused validation plans and sprints
  • Aid founders in creating a culture of disciplined experimentation
  • Assist founders with creating a business case for investment
  • Help companies pivot/iterate as needed to establish the path towards product/market fit
  • Support founders in building a repeatable sales process
  • Assist founders in sourcing relevant mentors who can help them with challenges as they arise.

Be an advocate for Propel within the Startup ecosystem, and identify opportunities to deepen partnerships with other stakeholders, and work towards a common Atlantic-wide goal.

Coach and educate founders about opportunities for funding early stage ventures, including the expectations of the angel and venture capital investment market.

Be responsible for the delivery and ongoing improvement of the program, in order to keep Propel's virtual accelerator at the forefront of accelerator processes in Canada

  • Work collaboratively with the other Startup Coaches to create a seamless entrepreneurial experience.
  • Design, organize, and participate in fireside chats with guest speakers recognized as experts in their field.
  • Identify opportunities for new content to be added to Propel's online learning platform.

Recruit potential companies from within Atlantic Canada for admission into Propel's accelerator.

  • Participate in community-based events and lead recruitment workshops to drive application demand for our three stages of programming.
  • Leverage community partners and networks for applicant referrals to the program. . . .

Read the full job posting for Halifax here. For other cities, click on the link highlighted in the introduction.