Openings for the role of Director of the Creative Destruction Lab-Atlantic, which is hosted by Dalhousie University, and for a Product Designer at Halifax-based Dash Hudson headline our Jobs of the Week column today.

CDL-Atlantic is an accelerator that brings startups from the region and elsewhere together with some of Atlantic Canada’s most successful business people, who act as mentors and investors. It is part of the CDL organization, which began a few years ago at University of Toronto and now offers programing in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, New York and Oxford, England.

Dash Hudson is a visual marketing Software-as-a-Service company that helps its clients increase engagement on their social media. Its software, called Vision, is a one-stop spot for clients to manage, source and engage with the traffic of their photos and videos.

The Job of the Week column features openings posted on the Entrevestor Job Board, which focuses on jobs in technology, innovation and startups in Atlantic Canada. The Entrevestor Job Board helps match job openings and candidates in the tech and startup communities and is operated by Entrevestor and Alongside.

Here is an excerpt from the headline postings this week:


Creative Destruction Lab-Atlantic


Working with the Executive Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the Director of CDL Atlantic will ensure the successful execution of CDL-Atlantic. The role will act as the main conduit between CDL Atlantic, CDL Global and the other partner institution across the world. The incumbent will manage the relationships with essential high profile partners, including donors, corporate partners, and senior level administration.

The Director has full oversight and responsibility for the day-to-day administrative and operational management of CDL Atlantic. Areas of responsibility in addition to the operational and administrative of CDL Atlantic will include oversight of the budget and financial management and Human Resources Management of CDL Atlantic. The incumbent is the Executive Director’s representative in strategic management initiatives related to business continuity planning and collaborates with the Executive Director in the development of the strategic plans for CDL Atlantic.

The Director possesses a level of expertise related to the internal workings and policies of the CDL Global, CDL Atlantic, the Faculty of Management and Rowe School of Business, and Dalhousie University to effectively manage the day-to-day operations of CDL Atlantic. The incumbent is responsible for ensuring the consistent implementation of CDL policies and procedures across CDL Atlantic, including areas requiring improvement/change in order to meet CDL Global accepted standards and operational best practices.

The Director leads the development and implementation of proposals for new administrative initiatives, timelines and budgets for new projects and, where required, provides managerial oversight to these projects (i.e. implementation of new technology infrastructure to be systematically implemented across all sites); facilitates interaction and communication amongst staff and ensures that appropriate resources are provided to administrative support staff.

The incumbent supports the overall CDL Atlantic mandate to provide a high level of professional service to the University and business community including faculty members, academic administrators, administrative staff and representatives of partner institutions and sponsor organizations. The incumbent delivers a full range of support and services to ensure the smooth and effective operation of CDL Atlantic.

The incumbent works in a highly dynamic environment that requires a high degree of sensitivity, responsiveness and a need to maintain strict confidentiality. The incumbent must present a professional image by interacting knowledgeably and courteously with all CDL stakeholders including senior administrators, faculty, staff, students, research sponsors and government representatives locally, nationally and internationally.


Major Responsibilities:

Strategic Planning 20%

· Develops short- and long-term strategic plans and related operational measures and benchmarks for CDL Atlantic, in conjunction to broader Dalhousie and CDL Global strategies, ensuring that resources and systems are in place to achieve planned objectives; establishes and monitors milestones to measure success.

· Provides strategic advice and expertise to the Executive Director to ensure the effective administration and delivery of services and consistent application of CDL Atlantic and University policies and procedures.

· Reviews, develops and implements comprehensive strategies aimed at improving the operational effectiveness of CDL Atlantic on a regular basis.

Operations 40%

· Provides advice and expertise to Executive Director on all operational issues related to CDL – Atlantic.

· Develops and implements, and liases with CDL Global regarding, sound business processes and standard operating procedures to increase efficiencies, minimize duplication and ensure practices are consistently followed at CDL Atlantic, in accordance with the CDL Master Operations Manual

· Oversees the implementation of training materials for Global sites (i.e. Venture Manger, Sessions, Moderator, technology tools, etc.)

· Develops and maintains a comprehensive understanding of CDL and the resources and support available.

· Manages the day-to-day operations of CDL Atlantic, ensuring the office operates in compliance with Dalhousie policies, procedures, and standards and is a model for operational best practices across the University.

· Conducts regular quality assurance, quality control and risk register reviews and conducts appropriate follow up; responsible for confirming compliance on all review issues.

· Works proactively to identify actions necessary to facilitate and implement strategic priorities.

· Identifies goals and priorities for the year and advises Executive Director of recommendations.

· Continuously reviews and communicates CDL-Global protocols, procedures and standards.

· Manages information across CDL Atlantic sites including records management; retention and archiving of the Risk Registry and sessions reports to meet governance requirements of CDL Advisory Board; ensures compliance with University policies and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

· Identifies health and safety concerns across sites, based on knowledge of University policies and procedures and the Occupational Health and Safety Act in each location.

· Creates all business processes and workflows to ensure the appropriate level of organization and service for the CDL-Atlantic program, in accordance with Dalhousie and CDL Global policies and procedures.

· Oversees the recruitment of CDL-Atlantic participants (donors, academics, & CEOs of ventures), requiring in-depth knowledge of the internal and external experts across multiple sectors. Will require a close working relationship with the Advancement and Research Services departments

· Manages the stakeholder relationships. This includes liaising and reporting with donors, corporate partners, senior Dalhousie employees, and government officials.

Manage Human and Financial Assets 40%

A budget exceeding $1,000,000 per year has been committed for the program. This position manages all human resources associated with the program which is approximately ten FTE, plus student or casual support.

HR Management

· Full managerial authority over CDL Atlantic site staff

· Plans strategically for and defines the organizational structure of CDL Atlantic including the kinds of equipment used, the methods and techniques of work, the work assignments, duties and responsibilities of positions and the classifications and qualifications of positions.

· Manages the CDL Atlantic staff to ensure work tasks are completed on schedule and within budget and University standards and policies are adhered to.

· Implements changes to the organizational structure of CDL Atlantic including organizational change, hiring, layoff, demotions, creating and eliminating positions.

· Defines duties and responsibilities of staff including defining hours of work, the schedules of work, and the methods and techniques of work.

· Defines classifications and the qualifications for positions.

· Determines work assignments for staff based on understanding of needs, individual skill, project requirements and availability of resources.

· Approves work of staff to ensure quality of work. . . .

Read the full job posting here.

Dash Hudson

Product Designer

As our Product Designer, you will work closely with our incredible product and engineering teams to design beautiful and easy-to-use products for the world's leading brands and publishers. You will be involved in every aspect of the product development process, from brainstorming the product innovation to tweaking pixels right before launch.


Understand business requirements and turn them into valuable and usable products for customers.

Solve problems by designing simple and elegant user flows and experiences.

Communicate design ideas through wireframes, mockups, and prototypes.

Give and take feedback to continuously improve the quality of products.

Work closely with product managers and engineers to oversee the user experience of a product from conception until launch.


Passion for the beauty and elegance of user interface.

Solid understanding of user experience & product design principles.

Strong critical thinking skills.

Excellent communication skills.

Experience designing interactive digital products and systems, not just websites.

An understanding of HTML and CSS is preferred.

Must have portfolio URL or case studies featuring examples of interaction design work.

Additional Information

We build best-in-class beautiful, functional products that our customers love.

Our marketing platform is competing with the biggest companies in the marketing software industry.

We have a big vision for the future of visual intelligence. We want you to be part of it.

We offer competitive benefits, a flexible work schedule, bi-monthly catered lunches, a kitchen stocked with snacks and quarterly wellness benefits. . . .

Read the full job posting here.