The Halifax Innovation District has just posted an article on its website showcasing the Emera IdeaHUB – Dalhousie University’s incubator for hardware startups – and one of its resident companies, OceanSync Data Solutions.

The article – written by Entrevestor – details the challenges posed by the development of hardware products, and how the Emera IdeaHUB team helps startups to overcome those challenges.

Dal launched the IdeaHUB in 2018 on the Sexton Campus, home to the Engineering Faculty, to help entrepreneurs – including those from outside the Dal community – who were developing a physical product.

Hardware founders often face challenges in design, certifications, safety, supply chains, packaging, testing, and regulatory clearance. The IdeaHUB allows as many as 12 teams to come together to develop their products and learn about these challenges. They can use tools needed to build prototypes, including 3D printers, and access the expertise of the Engineering faculty.

OceanSync Data Solutions is one company using the facility, stationing mechanical engineer Fernando Saenz in the facility fulltime. The Dartmouth startup has developed automated weather station equipment that is deployed on oceanbound ships. These units collect environmental data like wind, barometric pressure and relay it real-time to the cloud. The goal is to improve weather forecasting in the vast ocean, where there is no meteorological equipment gathering this sort of data.

You can find the full article here.