Having raised almost $1 million in equity funding, GoBumpFree is now launching its new travel platform for airline employees and retirees.

The Halifax company said in a statement this week it is launching the latest version of its travel platform and is running several promotions (including vacation giveaway packages) to coincide with the launch.

GoBumpFree aims to make it easier for the world’s 1.7 million airline employees to take vacations by letting them book hotels with the same flexibility as their flights. It allows airline employees and their families to book last-minute hotel rooms and, if needed, cancel them at a moment’s notice.

"As a former airline employee, I know how frustrating it is to have this great travel benefit—free flights—but not be able to use it because you'd pay cancellation fees [at hotels] if you got bumped," said company Founder and President Donna Lavallee in the statement.

"GoBumpFree customers, however, can cancel even just hours before check-in, and they won't pay a cent. … Hotels and resorts benefit by listing their properties and getting access to these influential, frequent travelers."

Lavalee said in an email the company has raised almost $1 million in equity funding from private investors in Nova Scotia. With a team of 12 people, it has also tapped programs offered by Nova Scotia Business Inc. and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency.

Lavallee has been making steady progress with the company in the last few years. She was a finalist in Innovacorp’s I-3 competition, which netted the company more than $100,000. Then she began raising private capital and was accepted into the Propel ICT accelerator.

She said the company has been bringing in revenue through paid beta tests and is now ready for the full launch. The company recently upgraded the platform, and will soon add tours and transfer services.

GoBumpFree is hoping to become the travel booking platform of choice for airline employees and retirees around the world.

"These are customers who book spontaneous vacations all the time, and are really influential in their personal networks because they're frequent travelers," said Lavallee. "So they're the ideal customer for a hotel or resort. Sometimes they get bumped and can't make it, but they return to their favorite destinations again and again."