When we started planning Entrevestor Live, we set out to give founders and investors the biggest possible bang for their buck.

Entrevestor Live, an online conference that showcases the East Coast startup community’s greatest successes, is super efficient in terms of time, and priced so any founder can afford to attend.

But be warned: to make sure you get the best deal possible, you have to buy your ticket in the next week, by Sept. 22. That’s when the early-bird rate ends.

For the next week, you can buy tickets for just $50 plus HST. After that, the price goes up to $70+HST, which is still pretty reasonable.

While we’ve been conscious of keeping the costs down for our audience, we’re also aware that no one wants to spend longer in a virtual event than they have to. So we’ve held the program to three hours and 15 minutes, and crammed it full of great content, such as:

  • In-depth discussions on the funding and development of three highly successful startups: CarbonCure Technologies; Introhive and META.
  • A panel discussion on valuations of startups in Atlantic Canada and elsewhere.
  • An overview of the East Coast startup sector and special sessions on the ocean and life sciences sectors.

These sessions feature company CEOs, investors and leaders from across the community. Ticket sales have been strong so far, and we hope more people will sign up. You can buy your tickets here – make sure you purchase them by Sept. 22 to get the best rate.