Newfoundland and Labrador’s Genesis startup hub has graduated eight companies from its flagship Enterprise accelerator.

Enterprise targets companies looking to reach $1 million in annual revenue, and which already have a minimum viable product and traction in the marketplace. They also must have completed Genesis’s intermediate-level Evolution accelerator or a similar program.

“At Milk Moovement, we credit much of our success to the startup ecosystem in Newfoundland and Labrador,” said Jon King, co-founder of Milk Moovement, which is one of the graduating startups.

“From incubators to mentors to supporting agencies, it is clear that the community is committed to building world-class technology companies." 

Here’s a look at the graduating companies:

Averro Robotics and Technology

Averro recently launched its first product, Rudy, which is a robot capable of climbing electrical and telecommunications towers and performing some types of maintenance.


BenchBoss is a live game-analysis tool for sports. The platform facilitates game data analysis using statistics, shot charts and player development tracking, which can be used for coaching.


Castr is a live-streaming system for businesses, broadcasters, educators, gamers and religious organizations. It allows users to live-stream and re-stream on multiple platforms simultaneously. 

Granville Biomedical

Granville designs and prints three-dimensional, anatomically correct models of women’s pelvises for use as educational tools.


Hyke sells customer rewards software for businesses looking to increase their sales and gather consumer data.

Milk Moovement 

Milk Moovement sells supply chain management software for the dairy industry, specifically the raw milk supply chain, that tracks the production process, logistics and payments to farmers.


OliverPOS sells point-of-sale software for e-commerce businesses that identifies shoppers using data such as their email addresses and displays information about their social media activity, advertisements they’ve viewed and tech-support requests they’ve filed, among other metrics.


TxtSquad is a platform that allows for “team-based texting” between businesses and customers, meaning multiple employees can help serve the same person.