Dartmouth-based CarbonCure Technologies, a company that enables concrete producers to reduce the carbon footprint of concrete, has been named 2020 North American Cleantech Company of the Year by San Francisco’s Cleantech Group.

This is the first time a Canadian company has won the prestigious award from the group that provides research, consulting and events to boost sustainable growth powered by innovation.

Concrete is the second most abundant man-made material in the world, and cement, its key ingredient, is responsible for an estimated 7 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions. CarbonCure cures concrete by injecting CO2 into it, which produces a stronger concrete while reducing carbon emissions.

“CarbonCure is on its way to achieving 500 megatons of CO₂ reductions annually, helping to decarbonize the built environment while positioning the concrete industry to lead the transition to the new low-carbon economy,” CarbonCure CEO and Founder Robert Niven said in a statement.

The company had a record year in 2019. The total production volume of reduced-carbon concrete nearly doubled from the previous year, surpassing 4 million cubic yards.

In addition, more than 500,000 truckloads of CarbonCure concrete were delivered to green building and infrastructure projects across Canada and the United States, achieving carbon emission reductions in excess of 50,000 tons.

The 2020 Global Cleantech 100 is the 11th edition of the respected guide to the leading companies and themes in sustainable innovation. Eleven other Canadian companies also made it on to the 100 list.

Nationally, Canada has been ranked first in the G20 on the latest Global Clean Technology Innovation Index. Four out of five Canadian clean technology companies are exporters, and carbon capture utilization and storage is considered to be one of Canada’s strengths.