In a deal that aims to make Barcelona a leading hub for the Blue Economy, the World Ocean Council has agreed that the 2022 Sustainable Ocean Summit and inaugural Global Blue Finance Summit will be held in Barcelona. 

The agreement with Barcelona City and Port also names the city as the headquarters for the World Ocean Council, or WOC, known as the global Blue Economy Business and Investment Organization.

The WOC’s events and activities will complement Blue Economy efforts in Barcelona and strengthen the city's leadership role, the partners said in a statement.

"This not only reaffirms the role of the city as a capital of the Blue Economy with a Mediterranean projection, but positions the city globally,” Anna Majó, Innovation Director from Barcelona Activa and leader of Blue Economy strategy, said in a statement.

"Our new innovation plan sets up very ambitious goals in terms of social and environmental sustainability for the Port of Barcelona," said Santiago Garcia-Milà, Deputy General Manager of Innovation and Business Strategy for the port.

He said the entire port community, which includes more than 500 companies, should work to boost blue economy initiatives.

"Collaboration and alliances are key,” he said. “We believe the World Ocean Council headquarters at the port area will boost cooperation within the blue economy ecosystem, with the port area as its epicentre."

This year’s Sustainable Ocean Summit, or SOS, will take place Oct.17 and 18. Organizers say SOS is the only global, multi-industry gathering developed by and for the business and investment community with a focus on sustainable ocean development.