Here’s one final reminder to please fill out our survey to help us get a better understanding of the makeup and opinions of the Atlantic Canadian startup community.

The survey is completely anonymous. And you’re asked to reveal NO sensitive information about your company.

What the survey does provide is a chance for you to make your opinions known on matters like funding, government programs and talent. It’s well worth taking five minutes to complete it.  

You can find the survey here.

Entrevestor is partnering with the Atlantic Canadian team at the MIT Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program, or REAP, to generate data on the startup community in Atlantic Canada.

As probably know, Entrevestor has surveyed founders across Atlantic Canada for the past three years to gain keen insights into the growth of innovation companies and the health of our ecosystem. This year, our survey was happening concurrently with one carried out by the REAP team. To ensure that founders aren’t belaboured with too many surveys, we’re combining these surveys. We're going to use the REAP survey, which some of you may have seen on the Halifax or New Brunswick Startup Community Facebook pages.

REAP is a program offered at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that helps regions to foster economic growth and social progress.  The program matches MIT experts with regional representatives to develop strategies in addressing specific economic challenges. This year it accepted a group from Nova Scotia comprising business people, academics and officials from federal and provincial governments. The goal is to bring leaders from the region to one of the world’s greatest academic institutes and develop plans to improve the economic environment in Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada.

This survey will give the REAP team the baseline data it needs to understand the regional startup community. And Entrevestor will use the data to produce its annual study of the community, which it sells to customers to help finance our free news service.