Larsen Victorious in Dragons’ Den

Congratulations to my friend Brent Larsen for prying $50,000 from the taut fist of a dragon on Dragons’ Den last night.

Larsen is the President of Bedford-based Steep Hill Solutions, which makes Omega Crunch Flax Products – essentially healthy flax flakes in a condiment shaker, so you can sprinkle them on your yogurt or whatever.

Having garnered revenues of $190,000 last year, Larsen was asking for $50,000 for a quarter of his business, and he drew immediate interest from the dragons. “You’ve taken something people know is good for them and you’ve made it accessible,” said Arlene

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Moncton Cybersocial: 2 New Firms

The Moncton Cybersocial today will feature two intriguing new companies -- Picomole Instruments, whose device detects cancer through breath analysis, and The Corporate Trade Network, which offers a bartering service to corporations.

The Corporate Trade Network will actually launch its new trading platform from 2 to 5 pm today at the Moncton Club, 115 Queen St. The event will then morph into the monthly Cybersocial, which will take place from 5 to 7 PM, also at the Moncton Club.

Corporate Trade Network allows businesses to offer services instead of cash to one another to attract and

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Innovacorp Names I-3 Finalists

Innovacorp yesterday released the names of the 25 finalists in its I-3 innovation competition.

I’ve cut-and-pasted below Innovacorp’s list of companies plus a short description of each.

There are a few  – GMS Surface Tech, Mindful Scientific, MediaSpark – that Entrevestor has featured previously, and MediaSpark was profiled in the Chronicle-Herald today.  

I have two thoughts on the long-list: first, there were only six entries from Zone 2 (South Shore and Yarmouth) and five of them are now on the short-list, but I’m familiar with a couple of them and at first glance there doesn’t

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NB Paper Highlights Talent Shortage

Last week I posed the same question to two players in the New Brunswick tech industry, and got identical answers.

What, I asked both Barbara Ells of Tech South East and Larry Sampson of the New Brunswick Information Technology Council, was the biggest issue facing the tech segment in the province? Their answer: talent, or the lack thereof.

“The biggest issue here is talent,” Ells, the Manager of Programs and Member Relations for the tech enabling organisation, said in a meeting at her Moncton office on Thursday. “It’s mainly (an issue) on the IT side, but IT marketing skills, for

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Verafin Partners with Open Solutions

St. John’s-based Verafin, which makes anti-fraud and anti-money-laundering software, announced Thursday it has signed a formal partnership with Open Solutions Inc., a Connecticut company that makes systems that process banking transactions.

The Newfoundland company said in a statement the partnership will bring its converged fraud detection and anti-money laundering solution to customers of Open Solutions’ on-demand and on-premise core banking solutions.

“We have always had the pleasure of a great relationship with Open Solutions,” said Verafin CEO and co-founder Jamie King. “We’re very

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Next Phase at LED Roadway Lighting

LED Roadway Lighting is developing the next generation of energy-efficient outdoor lighting, which will feature dimming technology that is triggered during periods of low traffic volume.

Ken Cartmill,  Vice President of Business Development at the Halifax manufacturer, told a business forum the company is in the research stage of developing lighting devices that will dim, and therefore use less electricity, at non-peak periods or when traffic is low.

“We’re working on innovative control systems that would turn lights down whenever there is less activity in an area,” said Cartmill,

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Nova Scotia sinks $2.3M in NSRIT

The Nova Scotian government is providing $2.63 million in financing to the Nova Scotia Research and Innovation Trust, which hopes to leverage it into $11 million in R&D funding from a range of partners over the next five years.

The Trust issued a statement saying the funding will “finance 17 research projects over the next five years, and that more than 300 people will be involved in them.”

NSRIT matches funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation, and the projects they are involved in attract funding from other institutions as well. The beneficiaries of recent funding include

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Saint John: Urban Tech Mecca

Jeff Roach likes the fact that he so frequently runs into his lawyer when he leaves his office.

Not to mention his accountant or other advisers and peers in the tech community.

Roach works in Uptown Saint John, and revels in the fact that his office is dead centre of the greatest concentration of information technology companies in the region. Within a few blocks – and blocks adorned with wonderful Victorian architecture – he can find 30 tech companies and a vast array of intermediaries. In fact, he says he can’t leave the office without running into them.

The tech community in Uptown

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NSBI, ECBC back Halifax Biomedical

Cape Breton medical device maker Halifax Biomedical Inc. has secured a $3 million equity investment to help finance the roll-out of its high-resolution imaging system that allows surgeons to monitor changes in artificial joint replacements and detect implant failure.

Nova Scotia Business Inc. said Friday its venture capital arm has invested $2 million in the company, and that Enterprise Cape Breton Corporation is investing $1 million.

Mabou-based Halifax Biomedical's main product is the roentgen stereophotogrammetric analysis or RSA, which is an X-ray device that allows two simultaneous

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Prop2go Eyes New Market Segments

Just back from a successful trade mission to Boston, Jason Richard, CEO of Saint John-based real estate website, said his company is preparing to move into new market segments, including cars and jobs.

Prop2go’s technology allows landlords and property managers to find tenants for their apartment buildings. It has more than 100,000 listings from clients in seven countries, though its main focus is on Canada, the U.S., and the U.K. In a recent trade mission, it signed up three new clients in suburban Boston, which were its first clients in New England.

Richard explained in an

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