Innovacorp, Angels Back The Rounds

The Rounds, a social network for medical professionals, has raised a $1 million seed round, including a $250,000 investment from the Nova Scotia investment agency, Innvoacorp.

The Halifax-based company, which works out of the Volta startup incubator, said in a press release it closed the funding round on Tuesday, and that the money would likely last it for a year. Other…

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Wesley: A Call for A Design Culture

Almost everything we experience in life has some kind of design. Determining if it is good or not is complicated. Where one object or process may function well under one set of conditions, it may fail under another. From a business standpoint, three factors separate the winners from the losers: the design’s utility, its appeal to a particular demographic, and its staying power.

When developing or improving a product, service or technology, the most successful companies employ professional…

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Equals6 Survey on Students’ Plans

A student recruitment survey from Equals6 has revealed interesting views from the Millennial Generation, including that 91 per cent of respondents would relocate for a new job, that 42 per cent seek professional mentorship and that just 13 per cent wish to run their own business. 

Halifax-based Equals6 is an online community of 75,000 students who use the site to make connections with each other and employers. The company surveyed nearly 6,000…

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SwiftRadius’s New Innovation Division

SwiftRadius, the Fredericton-based IT consulting firm, is launching a new initiative to help large North American companies develop innovation.

The company has struck a partnership with Forth Innovation, a Dutch business consultancy, to roll out the European firm’s innovation program in the North American market. They will launch the initiative in late May when Forth Innovation founder Gijs van…

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Press Release: Cloud-A’s ‘Bricks’

Cloud-A, a Halifax provider of cloud delivery solutions, released the following press release:

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada – April 16th, 2014, Cloud-A, a Canadian leader in cloud delivery solutions for high performance software applications, announced today that it has developed a new automation technology for cloud providers called “Bricks”.    

This advancement solves the problem that developers and…

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