Fifteen Atlantic Canadian startups will pitch at Volta Cohort’s fall pitch event on Nov. 28 in Halifax, and as many as five of them will receive $25,000 each in investment, mentorship and resources.

The event at Pier 21 marks the third intake to Volta Cohort, which is a funding and mentorship program that provides investment and resources for early-stage Atlantic Canadian technology startups. In the past year, the program organized by the Halifax-based startup house Volta Labs has awarded a total of $250,000 to 10 companies.

“Access to funding at an early stage can drastically reduce the challenges founders face in Atlantic Canada,” said Volta CEO Jesse Rodgers in a statement. “Volta Cohort is helping accelerate the growth of high potential founders by providing space to collaborate with their teams, world-class mentorship opportunities and programming tailored to their needs.”

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The selected companies for the third intake are:

Aurea Technologies (Halifax) – Aurea Technologies helps solve the climate change crisis by creating simple, human-centric, revolutionary wind turbines for consumer and commercial markets.

Byos Cybersecurity (Halifax) – Byos Cybersecurity is developing a product to monitor and protect companies’ critical resources from data leaks, security breaches, fraud and infections.

Commlet Technologies (Sydney) – Commlet Technologies uses GPS tracking bracelets and an innovative app to offer a user-friendly solution for real-time positioning tailored to the education and childcare industries.

Copsys Industries Inc. (Halifax) – Copsys Corrosion Management System is a new technology providing a specific type of coating, along with Impressed Current Cathodic Protection and is configured to provide uninterrupted protection on a structure.

DevScript Inc. (South Greenwood) – DevScript’s software product, Aila is an app that infuses creativity and innovation into every-day business operations, so you can compete, scale and thrive in a connected economy.

Halifax VR (Halifax) – Halifax VR is a developing occupational therapy rehabilitation software, in partnership with a children's hospital, using augmented reality. The company’s first product in development is a virtual wheelchair simulator.

iLokol Technologies (Halifax) – iLokol is developing a multi-language platform that helps international students and newcomers find the right places to shop, dine and play. Users can check for nearby businesses, find products or services and place orders from their mobile devices.

Kindness3D (Halifax) – Kindness3D was established to send affordable, 3D-printed artificial limbs to those less fortunate around the world. To date, the project has successfully delivered two devices, one to Costa Rica and the other to Brazil.

Neothermal Energy Storage Inc. (Halifax) – Neothermal Energy Storage is tackling high home energy costs with an innovative, smart home compatible, electric thermal storage heater for residential supplemental space and water heating.

Milk Moovement (St John's) – Milk Moovement is a dairy industry ERP platform that brings outdated systems to new life and provides significant data improvement for all stakeholders in the dairy industry. Milk Moovement is currently being used across the province of Newfoundland and Labrador and preparing for expansion across all Atlantic provinces.

Osteo-PM (Halifax) – Osteo-PM is a go-to personal pain and mobility management service for osteoarthritis sufferers. The goal is for the platform to be a diagnostic tool or virtual health provider. A health professional version will also be available to help monitor, interact and coach OA clients/patients via the platform in real time.

Rayleigh Solar Tech (Halifax) – Rayleigh Solar Tech is a Halifax-based company founded in 2016 to develop and commercialize next generation perovskite solar cell technology. 

Tranquility Online (Halifax) – Tranquility Online offers an online, Software-as-a-Service solution that uses the gold standard therapy approach for anxiety: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Tranquility Online’s interactive CBT software was built by experts and can also be accompanied by coaching from real people, who will be trained with an internally developed training protocol.

Tsundoku Digital (Halifax) – Tsundoku Digital is changing the way blog content is consumed by providing users with the opportunity to streamline their reading habits and consume the best content possible in an industry that is overwhelmed with content. The company is building a multi-platform app that delivers the right content when users choose to receive it.

YOUX Systems Inc. (Halifax) – YOUX Systems is developing Sexology, a mobile app that functions as an AI-based sex therapy assistant helping single users and couples improve their sexual life and overcome sexual problems.

You can buy tickets for the pitching event here.