Planet Hatch, Mitacs and the University of New Brunswick have partnered to offer a new pilot program called Accelerate Entrepreneur for UNB graduates or postdoctoral students pursuing entrepreneurial ventures.

Accelerate Entrepreneur is open to all sectors like manufacturing, technical innovation, business processes, IT, social sciences, and design. The program aims to bring young companies out of the idea stage.

“Our business programs have been gaining momentum in providing student entrepreneurs the experiences and connections to take their business plans from idea to live launch,” Devashis Mitra, the Dean of UNB Faculty of Business Administration, said in a statement.

“Including Mitacs in the partnership will expand our offerings to a broader group including post-graduate and post-doctorate students from a variety of disciplines.”

Mitacs is a national non-profit organization the helps bridge the gap between academia and industry.

“This pilot program will support university-based entrepreneurs who are solving research problems, which in turn, will have positive impacts on our economy and our society,” said Alejandro Adem, CEO and Scientific Director of Mitacs.

Anyone interested in attending Accelerate Entrepreneur or checking their eligibility for the new program can email Mitacs local representative Valerie Bonnardel-Vacque at