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We’re entering the home stretch of our survey that gauges how Atlantic Canadian startups are faring in the current downturn.

Entrevestor and Pivotal Coaching are partnering to conduct the survey, which will show how the Covid-19 crisis is affecting staffing and revenues, and reveal CEOs’ sentiments in coping with the effects of the crisis.

It’s 100 percent anonymous, and it only take two minutes to complete its eight questions. Our deadline is Friday at 5 pm, so please take just take a couple of minutes now to fill it in.

You can find the survey by clicking below:

Anyone who heads an Atlantic Canadian company that’s commercializing technology for the global marketplace should complete the survey. And we think business incubators and accelerators should encourage entrepreneurs to do so.

We will publish the results on Monday. That means everyone in the community will get an idea of how the Covid-19 crisis is impacting Atlantic Canadian startups. There have been a wide range of experiences, and each company should make sure its reality is reflected in our tallies.

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