The New Brunswick Innovation Foundation’s Breakthru-Newcomer startup competition has announced two winners of $25,000 each.

The two companies, HomeSchoolToGo and Brain Tumor Segmentation, beat out 34 other ventures. HomeSchoolToGo won in the Newcomer category for founders who have recently moved to New Brunswick, and Brain Tumor Segmentation won in the International Student category.

HomeSchoolToGo sells homeschooling software for parents who want to give their children access to international education opportunities. Brain Tumor Segmentation is working on MRI technology to “segment” brain scans for easier reading and measurement by doctors.

“In mid-April, we encouraged entrepreneurial New Brunswick-based international students and newcomers pursuing a new and innovative venture in N.B. to participate in the competition,” said NBIF investment analyst Holly Ayles in a blog post. “They received the unique opportunity to access start-up capital, mentoring, and support across the virtual bootcamp and finale, as well as to compete for start-up capital.”

The NBIF’s Breakthru competitions are an evolution of an older, biannual series of pitch competitions held alternately in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The new generation of Breakthru competitions are held more frequently, and only in New Brunswick.

The Breakthru-Newcomer competition was held as a collaboration between the NBIF, Fredericton startup hub Planet Hatch, the University of New Brunswick and the International Students’ Association New Brunswick.

As well as the cash prizes, HomeSchoolToGo won free enrolment in the NBIF’s Newcomer Startup Accelerator program. Brain Tumor Segmentation won a spot in the Planet Hatch International Student Startup Accelerator and backing for permanent resident status for up to five co-founders and their families.