Two Halifax startup hubs, Tribe Network and Volta, are collaborating to launch a new accelerator program for Black entrepreneurs, called Accelerate Black Tech.

Volta will provide coaching and advisory services for startups, while Tribe will provide network-related support and non-dilutive funding. In a statement Thursday, the two organizations said their goal is to combine Volta’s model of individually tailored startup support with the strengths of Tribe’s community network, which includes more than 1,000 people and businesses.

According to Tribe’s website, the program will aim to help founders develop prototypes, secure funding and scale their companies.

“Our collaboration with Volta for the Accelerate Black Tech Cohort represents a pivotal moment in Tribe’s mission to support Black tech entrepreneurs in Atlantic Canada,” said Tribe CEO Alfred Burgesson. “We are creating a unique platform for growth and success by bringing together our strengths.

“This partnership underscores our commitment to nurturing the talents of Black founders, providing them with the tools and resources they need to thrive in the tech industry.”

Tribe offers a range of services for racialized entrepreneurs, including pitch competitions, networking opportunities, referrals to ecosystem partners and access to content on an online educational platform.

Between 2020 and 2023, it administered about $400,000 worth of funding, including $200,000 that went directly to young companies. And in June, Burgesson said Tribe hoped to raise a $20 million venture capital fund.

Most of the organization’s members are either entrepreneurs or students, in about equal measure, the organization estimates. Industry professionals also represent a smaller, but still meaningful cohort.

You can learn more about Accelerate Black Tech and apply here.