Carolyn Crewe, Halifax-based founder of Duckish Natural Skin Care, has teamed up with other female business owners to create a Boom Box, aka “a wellness box for Tired A$$ Women in hopes of inspiring women to take a break”.

The box, available as a one-time purchase or subscription, contains products centred around "sleep, skin, snacking, supplements, soul and surprise".

“As a business owner and mom during a never-ending pandemic…I'm a tired-ass woman,” Crewe said in a statement.

“But I wanted to know if it was just me, or were other women struggling this much? So, I began checking in with friends, especially those running businesses, to see how they were doing, and I realized I was having the same conversation over and over.

“These women who were already overwhelmed and burned out from juggling work, kids and household responsibilities…were now trying to navigate homeschooling while trying to work from home, huge business obstacles, and dealing with the general anxiety of living through a pandemic.”

She said the common denominator was that none of the women were putting themselves on the to-do list, as they all felt it was just one more thing they had to do.

Each $99 box contains products worth $150 from the likes of Made with Local and Doodle Lovely. And $5 from each sale goes to support the YWCA in Halifax, an organization that builds economic security, promotes wellness and creates opportunities for women, girls and their families.