As surely as it brings jack-o-lanterns and fresh apples, autumn is a season that brings us Startup Weekends. And this year, Startup Weekends – or events following a similar format – will be held across the region.

Springing from a Seattle-based organization, Startup Weekends are 54-hour events in which strangers come together on a Friday evening, pitch business ideas, and break into teams. On Sunday afternoon, each team pitches to see whose business has progressed the farthest.

Startup Weekends will be held in every province in the region in the coming months. Events in Holyrood, NL, and Charlottetown in November will be held in conjunction with Global Startup Week, when hundreds of Startup Weekends are held around the globe. Sally Ng, the Fredericton-based certified Startup Weekend facilitator and CEO at The Triple Effect, will facilitate the Charlottetown event on Nov. 17.

Here’s a list of the upcoming Startup Weekends, and other events that ask participants to form a company over a weekend.

Startup Weekends

Saint John

Sept .29-Oct 1

You can register here.



Oceans Edition

You can register here.


Oct. 20-22



Social Impact Theme

Nov. 3-5

You can register here.


Newfoundland and Labrador

Nov 10-12

You can register here.


Nov 17-19


You can register here.

Mashup Weekends

These events, organized by by Mashup Labs, tend to target rural entrepreneurs.

Port Hawkesbury, NS



Sept. 22-23

Eastern Shore ​Nova Scotia

Oct. 13-14

You can find information and forms on Mashup Weekends here