Spring Loaded Technology, which makes advanced knee braces, has launched a customizable back brace called Lumbrella to help combat the growing problem of back pain.

The Dartmouth company issued a press release late last week saying Lumbrella was designed for changing environments, providing medical-grade spinal decompression and pain relief. It can be adjusted to fit the user and adapts as a person sits, stands, and moves about.

It’s estimated that about half of Canadians suffered lower back pain in the last six months, said the company, and that number is on the rise as the pandemic pushes more people to work from non-traditional workplaces.

“One of the most important things you can do to reduce back pain is to keep moving,” said Spring Loaded President and CEO Chris Cowper-Smith in the statement. “But that just can’t happen when you’re stuck in a brace that overly restricts your motion. That's where Lumbrella is different. It tackles both the pain and the movement issues simultaneously.”

For several years, Spring Loaded Technology has produced the Levitation knee brace, which stabilizes the knee joint and adds power to it, allowing people with mobility problems to move more freely. The Levitation line includes the “tri-compartment unloader knee brace”. It reduces pressure throughout the knee while enhancing strength to alleviate pain and improve mobility for people with knee arthritis and injuries.

Last year, Spring Loaded was one of several startups in the region to help produce personal protective equipment, which was in short supply when the pandemic broke out.

The company said many traditional medical-grade back braces are bulky and require in-person fittings at specialized clinics. However, Lumbrella can be purchased online, and fittings and consultations are performed remotely with live product specialists.

“Lumbrella becomes rigid only when and where needed, while simultaneously offering spinal decompression with the flexibility you need to go about everyday life,” said Cowper-Smith. “It’s also rapidly adjustable, allowing you to quickly switch from periods of inactivity to activity. In other words, Lumbrella’s fit changes as your day changes, making it possible to move and heal at the same time.”

Retailing for $1,800, Lumbrella is covered by many benefit plans. It can be purchased in Canada through lumbrella.ca.