The Sobey School of Business at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax will host this year’s Canadian edition of the Venture Capital Investment Competition on March 3 and is calling for startups to participate.

The VCIC is an international competition in which student delegations from business schools compete to make the best mock venture capital investment, as determined by a panel of judges. The students then receive feedback on their choices and decision-making processes.

To give students an experience closer to that of real venture capital, teams make their pretend investments in real startups, and the entrepreneurs behind those businesses receive feedback on their companies’ potential to receive venture capital backing.

“In addition to the opportunity to present their business to venture capitalists, participating entrepreneurs will have the chance to interact with and learn from venture capital professionals,” said SMU in a statement. “No funds are committed to the founders at the competition. Still, it is a chance for founders to gain valuable insights into the investment process and what makes a business attractive to venture capitalists.

“Founders receive genuine feedback and a variety of viewpoints from real and student venture capitalists.”

Entrepreneurs who are interested in participating are invited to email SMU management professor Ellen Farrell at