Six Atlantic Canadian startups pitched Tuesday at a showcase event hosted by Springboard Atlantic, an industry network that aims to foster the commercialization of research and to highlight companies receiving funding under its Atlantic IP Advantage program.

The IP Advantage program provides training and funding to East Coast companies to pursue intellectual property protections for their innovations. Startups can apply for funding of up to $50,000 and have up to 90 percent of their costs covered, with an additional $25,000 available to execute the strategy.

Two of the companies were battery businesses and another two were AI-based. Here’s a look:

Lab 4
Nifemi Oguntuase, CEO

Lab 4 has developed a process for recycling up to 99 percent of the material in lithium-ion batteries like those used in electric cars and home power banks, which could help alleviate concerns about the environmental impact of rare earth mining, as well as potentially limited reserves.

Pasadena, NL
Deanne McCarthy, CEO

Swiftsure has developed a medical device for washing the oral cavities of patients on ventilators, reducing bacterial growth and helping prevent pneumonia.

Pascal McCarthy, CEO

Parados has developed a system that uses motion capture software and a user's smartphone camera to analyze how they move to predict possible injuries, with applications for groups like athletes, police officers and firefighters.

Zen Electric
Ravi Kempaiah, CEO

Zen is developing battery systems for motorbikes and three-wheelers in Southeast Asia, with a focus on offering a lifespan three to four times longer than competing products in order to assuage buyer concerns about longevity.

Myomar Molecular
Rafaela Andrade, CEO

Myomar has developed a urine test to monitor muscle degeneration, which can be caused by diseases like amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS.

Rima Al Shikh, CEO

Begin.AI is developing artificial intelligence systems to tailor video games to individual players in a manner analogous to how social media platforms tailor a user's feed based on a person’s interests.