Dartmouth-based SimplyCast, a multi-channel marketing company, has been awarded the Canie Award for Global Entrepreneurship for the Atlantic Region by the Innovators & Entrepreneurs Foundation. a national charity dedicated to supporting entrepreneurship among business owners in marginalized communities.

The award recognizes organizations that have succeeded in selling into international markets. Over the last decade, SimplyCast has garnered clients in more than 175 countries and has translated its engagement platform into 11 languages.

“I’m very proud of the SimplyCast team and the growth we’ve been able to achieve,” said Saeed El-Darahali, President and CEO, who was raised in Kuwait.

“We have worked hard to grow and scale to be able to support international clients and it is an honor to have this prestigious organization recognize this hard work.”

Last year, SimplyCast marked its tenth anniversary by establishing a $100,000 fund to benefit young people.

El-Darahali said the Youth First Fund would award scholarships and bursaries to students, finance internships, and help graduates pay off student loans. It will be an evergreen fund, meaning it will always be maintained at or near the $100,000 level. He added that he had found it difficult as a young man to find work without experience, so he made it his own mission to help young Nova Scotians enter the workforce.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Canie award ceremonies will be held online. The Atlantic ceremony will take place on June 18.