Saint John-based Shift Energy, which uses machine learning to control energy use in large complexes, has announced an agreement to use U.K.-based edge computing specialist IOTech’s software in its products.

Shift Energy is a subsidiary of diversified technology company Mariner Partners. It uses machine learning to optimize the performance of HVAC — heating, ventilation and air conditioning — systems for large buildings, like university campuses, hospitals and office towers. Edge computing technology like that made by IOTech allows devices at remote locations to process data at the edge of a network rather than first transferring it to a central data centre.

Shift will incorporate IOTech’s Edge Central software, itself based on technology from the Linux Foundation, into its flagship ESOair product, as well as future offerings, including a forthcoming software product designed for cooling systems that rely on chilled water.

“IOTech shares SHIFT Energy’s vision to leverage better data from operations to drive increased efficiency, lower energy costs, and lower greenhouse gas emissions from heating and cooling systems,” said Shift’s senior vice president of strategic alliances, Alan Zurakowski, in a statement.

“SHIFT Energy’s EOSair and our upcoming products … will benefit greatly from the edge platform capabilities provided by Edge Central.”

Added IOTech product director Andrew Foster: “SHIFT Energy’s innovative energy optimization technology is a great match for IOTech’s edge computing technology, allowing building owners and operators to efficiently and securely acquire the data used by SHIFT to deliver more efficient heating and cooling at a lower cost and with lower environmental impacts,”