Saint John-based Sensory Friendly Solutions has launched an app that helps people who experience sensory overload find sensory friendly events, places, products and services.

The Sensory Friendly Finder is designed to become a comprehensive listing of sensory friendly businesses.  

“In a world that is increasingly busy, noisy, and often overwhelming, more and more people are looking for ways to enjoy life while avoiding sensory overload," founder Christel Seeberger said in a statement.  

Seeberger, an occupational therapist for 25 years, founded her company, which provides sensory friendly resources and helps businesses and organizations become more sensory friendly after being diagnosed with adult-onset hearing loss.

“For some people, the world is too busy, too noisy, too bright,” Seeberger said in an interview last winter, when she was a finalist in the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation's Breakthru competition. “For them, just going out and living their daily lives was becoming more and more difficult, so I wanted to solve that problem in a different way.”

She said the list of those with sensory sensitivities includes people with conditions such as anxiety, autism, concussion, dementia, learning disabilities, hearing loss, low vision, chronic fatigue syndrome, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Seeberger’s goal is to make the world more inclusive for people who experience sensory overload.