The Halifax company devoted to fostering a culture of safety in the workplace has been awarded a $551,770 contract through the Government of Canada’s Build in Canada Innovation Program.

SayleSafety, a Software-as-a-Service company based in Hammonds Plains, received the funds for its app that digitizes and manages risk assessments for job sites.

“The vast majority of site safety is paper-based. And paperwork is inefficient, often gets damaged or lost and makes sharing the practices difficult,” said Stephen Sayle, company CEO. “A strong safety culture results in strong businesses, great jobs and a growing economy.”

MP Andy Fillmore announced the contract at a press conference in Halifax yesterday.

The BCIP is a federal program that helps Canadian innovators get their products to market faster by securing sales with early adopters.

Sayle’s app will be tested by Public Services and Procurement Canada with the Halifax Port Authority and the Nova Scotia Community College serving as early adopters.

The SayleSafety app eliminates the need for paper, making it easier for those working in the field to keep safety records. It is customizable to each worksite, factoring in physical hazards and weather conditions, and highlights trends and challenges that require attention.

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In addition to its app, the company offers affordable online courses that describe ideal “safety culture” for companies of all sizes, as well as consulting for risk management.

The venture was initially headed by Stephen and and his brother Bryan, who has left the company after accepting a new position in Washington. Stephen’s wife, Heidi, is a chartered accountant and is company CFO.

SayleSafety currently employs six people and is taking on two new employees as a result of its new funding.

So far, in its eight-year history, the BCIP has supported over 27 companies in Nova Scotia with contracts worth more than $13 million. Yesterday’s funding announcement was the program's 300th contract.

“One of the toughest aspects of growing a business is developing new products to take to market and often the hardest hurdle is the final testing, tweaking and commercializing of the product. And the Build in Canada Innovation Program focuses on this very challenging stage,” said Sayle.

The company recieved recognition last year when it won the Halifax Chamber of Commerce’s New Business of the Year award. It was also named the Most Promising Startup by the Atlantic Canadian Aerospace and Defense Association.

Said Sayle during the conference: “I have worked in high-risk jobs in dangerous areas in over a dozen countries. I started my career as a commercial diver but I can tell you being an entrepreneur is the scariest job I’ve ever had.”