Reno Sub-Systems Inc. has received US$14 million (C$18.1 million) in a Series B funding round led by strategic investor MKS Instruments Inc. of Andover, Mass.

Reno, which has developed new and disruptive technologies for the semiconductor and advanced microelectronic industries, originated in Bedford, though it is now headquartered in the U.S.

The company said in a statement Tuesday that as well as a US$9.3 million investment from MKS, the participants in the latest funding round include previous investor Intel Capital and an undisclosed strategic investor.

 “We are pleased that MKS has chosen to invest and collaborate with Reno,” said Reno CEO Bob MacKnight in a statement. “These funds will accelerate Reno’s time to market with technologies that are critical to advancing Moore’s Law and key semiconductor manufacturing processes. Our enhancements of the two most critical ingredients in a plasma process tool, radio frequency power and gas flow, enable new processes not previously attainable while at the same time increasing both yield and throughput.”

In November 2014, the company reportedly raised $8.5 million in a round led by Intel Capital. Innovacorp contributed $1.76 million to the round.

Reno says it has generated strong customer demand based on on-tool performance data, which has allowed the company to transition from technology and product development to high volume adoption within two years.

Listed on Nasdaq, MKS Instruments provides instruments, sub-systems and process control solutions.Its primary markets include semiconductor capital equipment, industrial manufacturing, environmental, medical, life sciences and scientific research.