Rally, the St. John’s maker of software for law firms, has bagged a $500,000 loan from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency as it looks to hire seven new staff and ultimately reach 24 employees by 2023.

Rally sells software to help lawyers share documents among themselves and with their clients, as well as communicate with clients about their cases.

CEO Scott Stevenson said in an interview in May that his company’s growth has been bolstered by the shift to remote work, and he expects the trend to continue even after the pandemic.

At the time, Stevenson said Rally’s client roster included about 40 law firms, mostly American. In a press release this week, he said his team has now worked with about 80 law firms globally. That includes Atlantic Canadian law firm Cox & Palmer under a deal to provide legal services to the Atlantic Canadian startup community.

“ACOA's support of our expansion is massively impactful—putting us on a trajectory to be a world leader in legal automation,” said Stevenson in the release.

“ACOA's funding will help us create seven jobs, and our overall expansion project will enable us to grow to 24 employees by 2023, while growing our customer base six times over.”