Online startup accelerator Propel has announced the 16 companies participating in its Vision and Validation program, which is its new training program for the founders of early-stage companies.

Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador both have five startups in the cohort, while four are from New Brunswick and two are from P.E.I. The program started July 12, and focuses on teaching new entrepreneurs how to validate their business ideas and follow “lean startup” methodology -- a business strategy that emphasizes flexibility and low overhead costs.

“In this list of sixteen companies we see such a range of industry solutions,” said Propel CEO Kathryn Lockhart in a press release. "Our team always enjoys our version of ‘back to school’ with a new crop of founders who are ready to learn how to advance and grow their ideas."

Here’s a look at this year’s companies:


Brandon Oakley

Nova Scotia

By providing a more interactive and engaging shopping experience, the Enlighti platform aims to help retailers enhance customer satisfaction and minimize returns, with the furniture industry as its beachhead market. 


Chelsea Colwell-Pasch and Cora Woolsey.

New Brunswick

ArchaeoSoft’s software platform, STRATUM, digitizes and partly automates the note-taking and record-keeping processes for archeological digs, saving researchers significant paperwork.

PragmaClin Research

Bronwyn Bridges

Newfoundland and Labrador

PragmaClin is building solutions to allow for remote medical assessments of people with movement disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease.


Rany Abou Karroum

Newfoundland and Labrador

Creepel sells an “SOS wristwatch” equipped with GPS tracking, medical profiles and one-click emergency alerts.

AI Fashion Assistant

Adilya Dragan

Newfoundland and Labrador

Dragan has developed software to understand users’ fashion tastes and offer personalized shopping advice.

iVolunteer Management Solutions

Michael Lannon

Newfoundland and Labrador

iVolunteer is a digital social enterprise working in the field of volunteer management and engagement for non-profits.

SGS Innova Solutions

Robert Silverstein

Nova Scotia

SGS Innova Solutions is developing products that help prevent and alleviate bedsores and related medical complications.


Selim Fahmy

Newfoundland and Labrador

Storelx is an online marketplace that connects people who have extra space with those seeking room for storage. The space can be used for applications like stowing boxes or business inventory, or parking a car.


New Brunswick

KoJust is a platform to match students and researchers with business owners for collaboration or employment.


Adam Terry

Nova Scotia

Sync is developing technology for golfers.


Tammy Gill

New Brunswick

Bookworq is a SAAS platform for independent bookstores. It aims to streamline supplier communication, inventory management and customer data while seamlessly integrating point-of-sale and payment processing. It also serves general retail stores.


Janessa Ferrel


QuestRead is a text-based mobile adventure game designed to teach children to read. The system is capable of adapting the content of gamified digital books to the needs and abilities of specific kids.

XElement Technologies

Pedram Mahinpour

Fredericton, NB

XElement has developed technology that uses renewable energy to produce bottled oxygen at  lower cost than conventional methods.

Start Over in Canada

Tatiana Mizerina


Start Over In Canada promises to help new immigrants establish their lives in the country.

Tough Monkey Physical Training

Marc and Lisa Gaudet

Nova Scotia

Tough Monkey offers virtual fitness training, including martial arts classes.


Tate Linzel

Nova Scotia

Revilong is developing a system for manufacturing pre-fabricated residential housing in a plant utilizing sustainable materials, before it is assembled onsite.