Virtual startup accelerator Propel has named six companies participating in its Validation program for very early-stage founders.

The course focuses on teaching new entrepreneurs how to validate their business ideas and follow lean startup methodology in preparation for Propel’s other, more advanced programming. The organization recommends Validation for companies earning less than $1,000 of monthly revenue.

“This is another exciting cohort of Validation companies,” said CEO Kathryn Lockhart in a statement. “Our coaching team looks forward to guiding their journeys and getting them on a path to customer success.”

There are actually eight companies in the current group, though two declined to be identified. Here’s a look at the six named companies:

Innovate Accounting


Sandy Darrach-Leblanc and Aidan McGuire

HappyBean by Innovate Accounting is an AI-driven platform streamlining CRA business tax filing and payment.



Mel Simmonds

KetoNewfs provides product development and co-packing services for small- and medium-sized enterprises, including the cannabis industry. Their expertise and network includes the fields of life sciences and biofood production, among others.

SkillConnect Eduservices


Oluwatobi Towoju 

SkillConnect is on a mission to transform e-learning with practical, AI-proctored lessons on business tools and software.



Erik MacInnis and Recko Jean

TicketIO is a platform for ticket sellers and customers to track and manage tickets, the provenance of which can be more securely verified than on other systems.



Aleksandr Sergienko and Iaroslav Verevki 

The BOX is a smart home system that uses high-amp sockets and offers a broad range of features.

CashLoop Technologies


Ola Williams

CashLoop is developing point-of-sale and accounting software for small retail businesses — “micro-retailers.”