The UIT program at Cape Breton University issued the following press release:

High School Hackathon hosted by UIT Startup Immersion

UIT Startup Immersion at Cape Breton University is hosting a free, day-long hackathon for high school students. The event takes place at the New Dawn Center for Social Innovation on Saturday, March 7 from 8am to 9pm.

The event -- which is free for high school-aged students -- aims to boost interest in technology, computer programming, and entrepreneurship.  Beginning with a brainstorming session, participants will be paired with UIT students and mentors from the local tech community. Teams will spend the next 12 hours bringing their ideas to life. Participants' parents are invited to attend from 7-9pm to witness the results.

Breakfast, lunch, snacks and supper are provided.

“We are really looking forward to seeing what these high school students and UIT students come up with together. Not just in the way of new tech or business apps, but also to use technology to help the community,” said Danielle Patterson, spokesperson for UIT Startup Immersion.

“Business and information technology are inseparable nowadays,” said Patterson. “With an understanding of both, students would be ready to step right into some of the best career paths out there, whether as entrepreneurs or as employees at leading organizations in just about every industry."

Participants needn’t have prior software experience, but they do need to register in advance. For more information visit:

UIT is an 11-month immersion program that teaches the methods behind the world’s most successful startups. Students learn technology and business skills leading up to the launch of their own product. UIT is founded by Gavin Uhma, in a partnership with Cape Breton University’s Shannon School of Business.

Applications are being accepted for September 2015. Applicants can register at