CarShareHFX, the Halifax-based car-sharing outfit, has issued the following press release:

CarShareHFX cofounder retires

CarShareHFX announced today that its cofounder and co-owner, Peter Zimmer, is retiring from his position of general manager. Peter has grown CarShareHFX into a Halifax institution with almost 1000 members and 25 cars.

“Peter is a true pioneer for starting CarShareHFX. It was his passion and dedication that enrolled me into the partnership and made it happen operationally. He’s created a real legacy for Halifax”, says President Pam Cooley.

For ten years, Zimmer gathered the knowledge, resources and passion he would need to start CarShareHFX, before he teamed up with Pam Cooley in 2008 to launch the ideas into action. To date, CarShareHFX has taken 250 personal vehicles off the road by offering residents an alternative mode of car ownership. Now Zimmer is ready to pass on everything he knows.

“I’m the resource,” says Zimmer, who will be close at hand for guidance and support. “I want CarShareHFX to benefit from the things I’ve learned.”

Zimmer’s position will be filled by John Laroche, from Ottawa. Laroche spent the last four years in various positions at Vrtucar, Ottawa’s carsharing company. There, he saw the company grow from 50 to 100 cars and 1,000 to 2,500 members. Laroche is ready to drive the same growth at CarShareHFX. One of his first tasks will be to oversee the addition of five more cars to the fleet over the summer, bringing the total to thirty and creating more value for CarShareHFX’s members.

“Halifax is extremely fortunate to have John’s experience imported from Ottawa!” says Cooley. Car sharing is a game changer for cities that want to have a mobility mix that creates a higher quality of life. We are an important part of that mobility mix.”


About CarShareHFX

CarShare Atlantic Limited (“CarShareHFX”) is a year-round service that provides Halifax businesses, institutions, organizations and household members with easy, self-service access to a fleet of vehicles that can be rented on an hourly basis. CarShareHFX aims to make Halifax greener, by providing a viable, convenient alternative to vehicle ownership.