PragmaClin, a St. John’s company that is developing software that lets Parkinson’s patients assess their condition at home, won $47,500 in the first ever Bounce Health Innovation Embryo Grants competition.

Bounce, the organization that supports life sciences companies in Newfoundland and Labrador, awarded over $100,000 in prizes at an event last week. The prizes were awarded in four categories; Open, FemTech and Gender Diverse Leadership, Biotech, and Nurture.

A total of nine companies, almost all based in St. John’s, received prize money.

"They're all astounding, amazing companies and are really going places," Chandra Kavanagh, the director of Bounce Health Innovation, said in an interview. “These are all companies that I wouldn't be surprised if you saw publicly traded in the next few years.”

Here are the winners:

PragmaClin, $47,500

Bronwyn Bridges, Co-Founder and President

PragmaClin has developed software called Prims, which helps physicians diagnose and treat Parkinson's patients remotely. Bridges said at the Volta Cohort pitching competition, at which she won $25,000 in investment, that the company had already raised $249,000 in non-dilutive funding.

Myco Futures North Atlantic, $10,000

Stephanie Lipp, CEO and Co-Founder

Myco Futures North Atlantic is developing a new environmentally friendly synthetic leather made from mycelium, or mushroom roots. The company won $55,000 in the BioInnovation Challenge last fall.

Granville Biomedical, $10,000

Christine Goudie, CEO and Co-Founder

Granville Biomedical creates physical models to help women with pelvic health.

PolyUnity, $5,000

Michael Bartellas, CEO and Co-Founder

PolyUnity provides a cloud-based service that helps medical providers with their supply chains through modelling and 3D printing of medical supplies.

3F Waste Solutions, $5,000

Ben Wiper, Founder

3F Waste Solutions uses waste from industries like fishing for marketable products such as cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Amp Health, $5,000

Mandy Woodland, CEO and Co-Founder

Amp Health created software called Minimol for helping to reverse type II pre-diabetes.

Nucliq Biologics, $2,500

Nikita Kendyala, CEO and Co-Founder

Nucliq Biologics makes a kit and software similar to DNA tests but for gut bacteria. Once you've sent them your sample, they give you valuable information to help achieve a healthy gut.

7 Fathoms, $2,500

Courtney and Terrence Howell, Founders

7 Fathoms makes seaweed-based health products for inside and outside the human body.

Myomar Molecular, $2,500

Rafaela Andrade, CEO and Co-Founder

Myomar Molecular developed a technology called Myotracker, used for muscle rehabilitation, performance, and maintenance.