Fredericton-based Potential Motors’ electric vehicle will be an off-road camper van that uses the company’s vehicle control software to identify and adapt to changes in terrain.

Chief Executive Sam Poirier said in March the vehicle will be a ground-up design that capitalizes on the more space-efficient layouts that are possible in electric vehicles, which don’t require large engine compartments like those necessary for internal combustion engines.

The reveal that Potential’s first offering will be meant for camping came in the form of an interview vice president of marketing Noah Tompkins gave to innovation-focused news website New Atlas last week. He said the still-unnamed vehicle will include a double bed in an enclosed cabin, as well as a small kitchen.

“The future of electric adventure looks bright, fall is coming, and I can't wait to show everyone what we've been working on,” said Poirier on LinkedIn.

Founded in 2018 by a team of engineering students from the University of New Brunswick, Potential’s main focus is on developing its Off-Road OS — software for EVs that manages functions like modulating how much power is sent to the wheels, how the vehicle responds to steering input and the behaviour of adjustable suspension systems. In February, the company raised $4.1 million after several years operating in what Poirier called "stealth mode."

He previously said a key reason Potential is building its own off-road vehicle is to demonstrate the viability of Off-Road OS to other manufacturers, who he hopes will eventually license the technology for use in their own products.