Fredericton entrepreneurship hub Planet Hatch is moving its second annual Sales Accelerator Program online in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the six-week program, participating startups will receive training from sales professionals, up to $25,000 of funding and an intern, whose salary will be paid by Planet Hatch and its partner organizations.

The goal of the accelerator is to give companies stable, recurring revenue streams to build on once they graduate.

The members of the cohort are:

  • Taylor Printing Group Inc. – Taylor provides printing services, particularly for marketing materials, such as flyers and trade show signs. The company also offers mail and email distribution services.
  • Scottage Cheeze – The company sells dairy-free and vegan dips, spreads and cheese substitutes.
  • Scantranx Technologies Inc. – Scantranx sells a software suite that integrates online and in-person shopping into a single platform. It provides retailers with data-analytics services and helps salespeople provide customer service via their mobile devices.
  • Naveco Power Inc. – The company builds and retrofits wind and solar energy infrastructure.
  • Upfront Cosmetics – Upfront manufactures soaps and conditioning bars that contain fewer harmful chemicals than products from many larger companies.
  • MDMS Managed Digital Media Services Inc. – The company provides social media management, search engine optimization and marketing services for business-to-business sales.
  • Colum Consultants Inc. – Colum provides scientific consulting to innovative companies that need help conducting research.

The members of last year’s cohort saw an average revenue increase of 190 percent and a 32 percent increase in customers.