Volta Labs on Tuesday will host a pitching competition to select five startups that will receive a total of $125,000 in early stage investment in the Volta Cohort.

The Halifax startup house will hold the competition at the Discovery Centre beginning with networking at 5:30 pm. Volta already has a shortlist of 15 companies that will be pitching. You can get tickets for the event here.  

Last month, Volta CEO Jesse Rodgers said the organization has partnered with Innovacorp and BDC Capital to establish Volta Cohort. The new program will provide investments of $25,000 to up to five companies in each cohort through a micro-fund. The organizers hope there will be two cohorts a year.

“Volta Cohort helps early-stage, high-calibre founders attract and secure venture capital sooner,” said a statement from Volta. “Along with investment, Cohort companies are given space at Volta Labs and access to a board of mentors comprised of CEOs and founders of Volta’s Resident and Alumni companies.”

Digital marketing strategist Ross Simmonds will be the master of ceremonies and deliver a keynote address. 

Here are the companies that were short-listed as of Friday morning to pitch at the event:

Espial Vision helps the visually impaired see the world through specialized glasses and real-time vision decoding.

Trip Ninja uses unique search technology to leverage travelers’ flexibility to find them savings on airfare for multi-city trips.

Deprolabs Technology designs, develops and produces smart electronic devices in the domain of internet of things (IoT).

IIArena is a platform for the e-gaming industry that provides an arena for gamers to use their skills to compete for money.

B-Line Analytics is an analytics platform that helps real estate developers, municipalities and organizations develop and manage transportation and sustainability goals. They do this by  using mobile devices to collect mobility patterns.

SassyTuna Studio is a Newfoundland and Labrador-based startup and creative digital lab that has developed Art Sharks, a proprietary software platform and video game that will allow children to create their own custom mobile and web-platform video games and share them with their friends online.

IObIO Inc. builds custom automation platforms for industry and is currently working on a prototype platform for clinical data capture and analysis. Their focus is a disruptive tool in hearing diagnostics that will revolutionize the auditory industry.

GroupThinq is a B2B SaaS application that uses AI to provide real-time information about a project's status to every member of the team, across organizational silos, to improve group intelligence.

Rovault - creates smart solutions for the ocean sector to increase efficiency and accuracy. Rovault is creating a device for shrimp processing facilities to improve the industry’s average yield by detecting good products from the waste pile, and has designed a camera system that can detect and identify species in terms of size, growth and health.

Clockk.io is a SaaS tool that is solving the timesheet problem for digital agencies and software consultancies.

HiveTrade is an exclusive digital investment club platform that provides investors with the ability to create and manage their own investment clubs and, through democratic voting, build and actively manage their group investment portfolio.

MyMem helps your loved ones with dementia hold on to their memories and experiences by creating a digital "life story book" that preserves the moments they cherish most.

Flock is a SAAS knowledge collection platform that facilitates onboarding freelancers and new employees.

Ceesix Health Inc. uses app-based technology to help diabetics live healthier lives. This diabetes management subscription service aims to provide everything a diabetic needs to manage their health in a cost-effective and user-friendly way.

Phased In allows mobile device users to experience shared augmented reality. Users will see the same virtual objects overlaid onto the real world and detect one another in augmented reality. Initially, this technology will be delivered through a mobile gaming experience.