Eight teams will vie for a $1,500 first prize at Genesis’s next Pitch & Pick competition, which will be held Tuesday, April 13, at 3 pm NST.

Pitch & Pick is the demo day for the eight top teams in the Evolution Program, the eight-week program at Genesis for idea-stage or early-revenue companies. The winner receives a $1,500 prize and gains entry into the Enterprise program for scaling companies. There will also be a $750 second prize and a $250 Community Choice Award. 

The Evolution Program is held three times a year and the last winner was Nextcheck, which is developing maintenance software for aircraft.

You can register to watch the Pitch & Pick event – which is being held virtually – here.

Here are the eight competitors:


Founders: Lisa Winsor, Hai Nghiem and Alvin Tolentino

Hiired is a platform that makes it easy for employers and candidates to build strong working relationships. The venture aims to help companies find the best employees and candidates to make the best first impression.

Take Care

Founders: Evan Foote, Christopher Lewis and Jason McCarthy

Take Care is a medical technology company that is working to change the way that care providers interact with the frail elderly, by providing software solutions to improve the monitoring, management, and delivery of elderly/geriatric care.

The Fish Market

Founder: Mirella de Oliveira Leis

The Fish Market is a mobile app for (re)connecting fishers to local consumers in support of food sovereignty and fisheries sustainability. It increases access to locally caught, sustainably harvested fish and seafood while providing additional economic opportunities to local fishers.

Airntell Aerospace

Founder: Mateus Saar

Airntell uses drone technology for offshore search and rescue to find missing people faster, more reliably, and at a fraction of the cost.

Ladder Spike Inc.

Founders: Jordan Spencer and Dale Kean

Ladder Spike has designed an attachment for ladders to anchor, level and stabilize and portable ladder, promoting safe work practices and preventing the injury of any ladder operator.

Orogen Data

Founders: Cole Inkpen and Ali Fakhoury

Orogen Data allows mine and exploration geologists to securely store and access their data related to geological samples while they’re in the field.


Founders: Austin Aitken and Noah Côté

Mdium is a web application designed for the secure transfer of sensitive information online. Mdium addresses the primary causes of data leaks by encrypting, password protecting and retaining sensitive information on the cloud for only as long as necessary.


Founders: Eslam Farid and Mohammed Badawi

YASSIR (which means easy in Arabic) is a subscription-based software solution with several flexible modules that allows businesses to manage or optimize the supply chain using only one platform.