Halifax-based Densitas, whose software helps assess the density of breasts during mammograms, has announced that Prince Edward Island has become the second province, after Nova Scotia, to integrate its software across its screening program.

The Densitas software -- named Densitas densityai --  provides an automated mechanism for quantifying and recording breast tissue density, a risk factor for breast cancer in women. Dense breasts can mask cancerous cells. Dense breast tissue is also linked to higher chances of cancer.  

Now, every woman who receives a screening mammogram on P.E.I. will be notified of her​ breast density through the company’s densityai algorithm. 

“Our advanced solutions are built to solve real clinical problems and effectively support healthcare providers,” said Ryan Duggan, Director of Product Development at Densitas in a statement.

The Densitas platform comprises three different products that tackle challenges in breast cancer screening, including mammography quality, workflow efficiencies, compliance with national standards, and meeting accreditation requirements.