Memorial University has partnered with the Association for New Canadians, or ANC, to offer entrepreneurship training for immigrants.

Under the agreement, participants in the ANC Newfoundland chapter's Newcomer Entrepreneurship Training Program will have free access to courses at Memorial’s Gardiner Centre, part of its faculty of business, which works with the private sector on professional development and upskilling programs.

“As part of Memorial University, Gardiner Centre has a special obligation to the people of this province,” said director Valerie Howe in a press release. "That obligation, from our perspective, is to deliver teaching and learning that fills skills gaps, solves organizational challenges, builds a stronger business community and supports career progression for everyone.

“The opportunity to support the Association for New Canadians in building entrepreneurial skills for their clients aligns with our mandate and helps us reach a new audience as well.”

So far, the Gardiner Centre has worked with 16 immigrants from Ukraine, Mexico, Iran and Afghanistan, offering training on topics like local business practices and mental health.