Modest Tree Media Inc., a Dartmouth-based simulation and training software company, has teamed up with RaceRocks 3D Inc., a Victoria-based education technology company. Together, they will work on the training for a upcoming Canadian defence procurement, Project Resolve

Chantier Davie, Canada's largest shipbuilder, and Project Resolve Inc. recently acquired a European container ship and will be converting it into an oil supply ship for the Canadian Navy. With a new ship comes new systems, and the operators need training to work the ship. Modest Tree and RaceRocks will provide these training solutions. Both companies have been in the defence space for a combined nine years.

“It is a good opportunity to partner with another company that’s in aerospace and leverage each other’s core competencies,” said Emily Smits, Modest Tree’s Chief Operating Officer. 

“We are thrilled to team with Modest Tree because their software makes learning a lot like playing a video game, something millenials will spend 10,000 hours doing by age 21,” said RaceRocks CEO Scott Dewis siad in a press release. “This hasn't escaped the Navy either.” He said the Navy is training millennials and already uses Modest Tree software with its Canadian Virtual Naval Fleet.

Both Modest Tree and RaceRocks intend to go after future proposals and projects together, especially those in the Canadian navy, army and air force sectors.

Project Resolve is still in talks with the Canadian government and therefore a start date has not yet been confirmed. 

Modest Tree is a graduate of Launch36, which was offered by the regional accelerator Propel ICT, and a former resident of Volta.