Atlantic Canadian startup founders are responding well to our survey this year. Many thanks to those of you who have already completed our brief questionnaire. 

If you run an East Coast innovation-driven company, it would be best if you could complete the survey before the weekend. For each survey we receive by the end of the day Friday, we will donate $10 to the Canadian Mental Health Association. All information given will be treated with complete confidentiality and only aggrgated data will be published.

Already this year, we will be donating more money than we did last. We’ll let you know Monday exactly how much we will be donating, but it will be a significant contribution for a small company.  One reminder: we only accept surveys from companies headquartered in Atlantic Canada who are commercializing technology. 

We will still be accepting surveys in the next few weeks – although after Friday they will no longer count toward the donation to the CMHA. What they will do is help us produce the most accurate data possible.

These surveys are essential to the production of our annual Atlantic Canada Startup Data report, which will be out in June. Investors and policy-makers rely heavily on our data to understand the dynamics of this important economic sector.