Last call for the Entrevestor survey.

We’ve almost wrapped up our annual survey of Atlantic Canadian startups, and we want to remind those of you who haven’t responded yet to please get your responses in.

We’re thrilled with the response we’ve had to the survey. A vast range of founders have taken a few minutes to fill out our 23 questions, and we’re getting a picture of what happened in the community last year.

You can find the survey here, and it only takes two to four minutes to fill it out. All the information we gather is confidential.

You should fill it out because Entrevestor’s data is the best measurement of what the East Coast startup community is achieving. Governments at all levels now understand the economic potential of startups, and the only way they can gauge the success in Atlantic Canada is through Entrevestor’s data. Our data is also used to tell investors and financiers outside the region what is happening in our community.

The Entrevestor data analysis is the most authoritative source of information on the East Coast startup community, but we need your help to complete it. The result will be a better informed group of policy makers as they design programs to help your businesses.