Dalhousie University and the University of New Brunswick are looking for applicants to their 16-week Lab2Market Validate startup program this fall.

Aimed at scientific researchers looking to evaluate the market potential of their work, the program offers participants $15,000 of funding, along with training that places a particular emphasis on customer discovery and feedback. Participants are expected to work on their projects full-time.

“The number one reason that entrepreneurs fail at starting a business is that there is no market need for what they are building,” says Dalhousie. “The Lab2Market Validate program is designed using the world's best methodologies and frameworks to help our participants run viable experiments with the market to gain actionable data.”

Dalhousie’s Lab2Market programs are part of a national suite of accelerators and incubators. Newfoundland and Labrador’s Memorial University offers similar Lab2Market programming for bluetech research and the University of New Brunswick hosts an annual cybersecurity cohort.

You can learn more and apply here. The deadline is June 1.